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The president of the ASIA AIPS Mr. Mohammad Qassem, issued a press release regarding the recent events that followed the 19th ASIA AIPS General Assembly Congress, held in Malaysia, confirming that the commotion that had occurred regarding the financial report in addition to the acquisitions and abuses pointed to him directly, are totally rejected and mistaken, pointing out that he had made his best effort since he presided the ASIA AIPS to find an operational budget, upon discovering that the union didn’t have any penny in its account.
Mohammad Qasim added that It is shameful indeed that some people speak about excesses and abuses, at the time they basically have not viewed the financial report, provided that the report has been presented to the Executive Committee, noting that we accept any criticism, but totally reject questioning our integrity and our credibility before the public, at the time we must fight any tampering or errors located in this aspect.
ASIA AIPS president described what has been achieved during the past year of the ASIA AIPS march as a source of pride, after the Union was suffering through its long career, it was up to the current Executive Committee that had succeeded in achieving the Union’s positive and bright image, stressing on the role that was carried out by the former president and the spiritual idol of the Union Mr. Faisal Qinai and the founding president Mr. Abdul Mohsen Al Husseini and former President Mr. Park Chul, in addition to the former members of the Executive Committees, despite the obstacles that intercepted their march.
First budget in the history of the Union,
The President also revealed that the ASIA AIPS budget for the past year total was one hundred thousand US dollars, which followed a great effort exerted by the president and his colleagues, the members of the Executive Committee, throughout allocating support from various quarters and other resources of the member states, noting that this budget is the first of its kind in the history of the Union, which has existed for 39 years. Qassim added, what has been accomplished through the efforts and achievements in the entire year is a source of pride, we have given all we have at the aim that the Union becomes in the forefront, in which ASIA AIPS has achieved to be an exemplary in success, adding ‘we will not speak of ourselves, today the ASIA AIPS has became a renown inaudible body, upon the work that has been mentioned above during the past year, as well as what has been revealed of the integrated program into the new year 2017’, pointing out that what has occurred during the last period including the acts of resignations and other events, does not eliminate the work achieved by the Executive Committee, he added: “I tried as much as possible to work within an equal distance with all the members of the committee and member associations, and the mistakes that if found during our work, certainty we did not intend to commit, and as long as we are working there will be a possibility for us to fall into, However we should recognize our mistakes and should be careful not to repeat them’.
Financial report is ready,
And in regard to issues raised regarding the union’s financial report, the ASIA AIPS President informed the press that the financial report is available and has been audited by a well known company, which functions auditing services to several official entities in the Kingdom, and after the report had been displayed to our colleagues in Executive Committee, there was a demand regarding adding an article about ‘the Press day’ on the budget, with the fact that this day expenses comes with support from the hosting country, and it was approved that the financial report to be postponed till our next meeting in South Korea. However we were surprised that there was a determination in the Congress to discuss the report, in which we made the situation clear that the report will be discussed at the next meeting and that everyone in Congress are entitled to discuss it, which is held, or the one upcoming, but we respect the Executive Committee’s decision to postpone the discussion till the next meeting, and the report will be presented for all member associations in a sufficient time limit for reviewing and discussing it, and everyone should be aware that several years went through in which there has been no financial statement recorded or we have received, we took the initiative to have a financial report for the first time because we are aware of its importance in such stage, and I have personally supported the work during the early time of our presiding to the union, in which I provided approximately 28 thousand dollars over the first six months from my personal account, in addition we have made tremendous efforts in order to bring financial resources to support the Union’s budget and to achieve what was required during the first year, and we have implemented the 2016 program, including everything that we put forward except for young journalists program that was carried forward to this year because of the pressure of activities in the past year, and what is surprising that abuses were directed to us concerning the financial report. We did not take such responsibility position of in order to sit on a chair, but rather we made our best efforts in order to offer the Union’s idealistic image that would satisfy most aspirations, noting that he had promised to obtain full support, however financial circumstances in the region in addition to the time factor were the basic issues that prevented us from obtaining more than 100,000 USD as a budget, which is considered the first in our history.
We will not respond to offenders,
The ASIA AIPS President expressed his sorrow in regard to what he had encountered from some sport journalist, of whom he had always respected and that the sports media recognizes their career, but unfortunately they were dragged behind such rumors, pointing out that he has assigned a team to follow up any offensive accusation to the Union and for him personally, Mohammad Qasim added ‘we cannot react to abuse with another abuse, and what actually surprised us, is that some people do not have any idea in regard to the report and where the truth actually lies, and even they have not seen the report and suddenly became financial experts, and directly offended us and offended our states, through insulting the people who have made a considerable effort in working towards the success of the Union and to maintain its long lasting history and continue the march led by our distinguished predecessors that enjoy a honorific long history in media work.
Finally, it is better if we come back to simplicity,
Mohammad Qassim concluded, by stressing that it is better if we come back to simplicity and our mutual understanding, what has been done is done, and it could occur in any place, but we must not allow such abuse towards others, we actually should act together, in which this applies to every aspiration, we hereby confirm that we do not intend to keep our positions as much as we look forward towards our mutual interest, ASIA AIPS is here to last, on the other hand we are not , serving Asia has endured such honor towards our efforts. We respect everyone and hope that the sun shall raise again, what remains is our respect towards everyone without any exception.

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