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Under the patronage of his royal highness prince Dato Ja’afer, head of the Malaysian Olympic Committee, the ASIA AIPS held General Assembly its 19th Asian Congress in the Malaysian capitol city Kuala Lumpur, which took place from 27th February until the 3rd of march 2017, with the participation of 29 member states, in addition to 2 nonmember countries, Cambodia and Myanmar.
The congress meeting was chaired by the ASIA AIPS President, Mr. Mohammad Qassem, and attended by the vice president and members of the Executive Committee, in addition to the participation of the AIPS President Mr. Giani Merlo, in which the last had delivered a speech to the General Assembly during which he stressed the importance of the next phase to continue to work to serve the Asian sports media and sports journalists.
Mohammad Qasim then spoke in his speech to the Congress, in which he stressed through on what has been achieved during the first year of this Executive Committee that launched its duties immediately after the Manama Congress, through the establishment of many activities. events, and workshops in which the ASIA AIPS has shown great success over the past year, the President added that our visits to the member associations of the eastern, central, south and west of the continent came to break down barriers and encourage the associations to take the initiative and work with the union in hosting different events and activities, pointing out that this was one of the main goals that we have worked on in order to achieve.
The president also stressed on the importance to continue with the same level of work, in order to reach our targets which will satisfy the aspirations of the Asian press and to consider the different issues and problems facing the Asian media.
After that the meeting agenda launched by reviewing the Manama Congress Meeting Minutes that was approved and adopted, then the President’s report was approved and adopted upon reviewing it, and after that the Union’s administrative report was also viewed on through a special booklet that has been prepared in which it included on all the work that had been carried out by the ASIA AIPS during the entire year, in addition also a short film presented the accomplishments that have been achieved through the action chapters over the past few months that included on the opening of the headquarters of the Union in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Office of the Secretariat in Peshawar, in which the Committee afterwards approved the administrative report.
Then the meeting shifted to discuss the financial report, in which the ASIA AIPS Nepalese Financial Secretary Niranjan Rajnbashi had presented the Union’s audited financial report to the Executive Committee through its meeting that preceded the day of Congress, The Committee requested that the provision on the ‘Asian press day’ be included with the budget, and then to provide the financial report at the next Committee meeting in Seoul in South Korea, for approving and presenting it during the next Congress for approval. The Financial Secretary explained that this report is the first of its kind in the history of ASIA AIPS that has passed more than 39 years, indicating on the tremendous efforts in finding such a budget during the first year, in which we were able to offer a budget of 100 thousand dollars, that mobilized the Union and has contributed to organize different activities, events and workshops hosted by the ASIA AIPS during the past year, indicating that we have took our responsibilities without any budget mentioned, and this is the first budget adopted in 2016.
The congress then witnessed on a number of the presentations, presented by the member states Bahrain and Turkmenistan, as well as a presentation by the first vice president of the ASIA APIS Mr. Raymond Shaw-Fy on the ‘young journalists program’ that is successfully hosted annually by the Hong Kong Sports media Association.
Then the General Assembly reviewed the new official website of the ASIA AIPS that was launched last July, on the other hand the subject of the statute amendments that was submitted through some state members proposals was adjourned, and it was also adopted that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host the second Asian press day in the Saudi capital Riyadh, After that the General Assembly adopted the suggested work program for the ongoing year 2017, which had been previously announced, that includes on several courses and workshops, in addition to approving the coming ‘journalists’ awards ceremony’.
And upon the surprising decision of five ASIA AIPS Executive Committee members to submit their resignation, the Congress decided to form a committee comprising of five countries namely: India, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon and Bangladesh, in order to examine the reasons that led to such resignations noting that the committee should report to the General Assembly explaining the reasons for such a decision.
Finally and before the conclusion of the Congress sessions, Mr. Mohammed Al Sheikh the Saudi Arabia Sports Media Committee Secretary General, received the ASIA AIPS Congress flag, upon the General Assembly approval of the Executive Committee choice for Saudi Arabia to host the coming congress.

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