AIPS Asia organises workshop on “Sports Photography in the time of Corona”

Saba Nayakan – AIPS Asia Vice President   

KUWAIT, July 11, 2020 – The Asian Sports Press Association (AIPS Asia) on Friday organised a “remote” workshop entitled Sports Photography in the Time of Corona, with the participation of 336 sports photographers from all over Asia. Kuwait’s leading sports photographer Khalil Ahmad Nadom conducted the 180-minute workshop that covered the nuances of sports photography.

The workshop was opened with a speech from the President of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS), Gianni Merlo, during which he stressed the importance of sports photography in documenting sports events and contributing to various publication, noting that sports news are occupying a large space in various media.

President of AIPS Asia and a leading sports writer in Kuwait, Sattam Alsehali, welcomed the participants and the lecturer-photographer Khalil Nadom. He observed the importance of this kind of workshops in raising the level of sports photography in the continent.

AIPS Asia Secretary General Amjad Aziz Malik from Pakistan, elaborated the Association’s future plans to organise other courses in collaboration with International Federations, to contribute to the development of Asian photographers.

The seasoned photographer Khalil Nedoum touched on some of the basics of sports photography and the criteria by which the success of a sports image is judged. Nedoum reviewed some of the photos he had captured during his professional life and talked about their pros and cons. He explained the importance of photographic angles, required light and shutter speed in capturing images especially during the fast-moving action sport.

Nedom further noted the need to adopt preventive measures during this time of coronavirus, such as keeping a safe distance and observing the instructions issued by the World Health Organization and local health authorities.

The lecturer fielded questions from participants about the quality of the cameras, controlling the light, and overcoming the obstacles of photography, pointing to the importance of continuity in order to produce professional work.