The Vision 2020-2023

After visiting over 100 territories since being elected as FIFA President four years ago, I believe we have work to do in making football truly global. The vision document available in full below is my suggested action plan for FIFA. My vision is for the organisation to help develop football in all regions of the world so that many more can compete at the very highest level. The goal is to have at least 50 national teams and clubs from all continents competing fully against the current elites of the game.

Having successfully reformed and stabilised FIFA, the time is now for us to take a look at the whole football landscape and identify the areas on which we should focus. The equation strikes me as fairly straightforward: a game that is powerful and popular around the whole planet cannot be played at its highest level in only a few regions. Our key mission is to truly globalise, popularise and democratise football for the benefit of the entire world. This is what I mean with my vision for the period until 2023. This plan to modernise the football world and make it more inclusive and truly global is made up of four core areas consisting of 11 goals with concrete steps to achieve each. Those areas are:

Governance; Competitions & Events; Internal Governance & Administration; Development, Social Responsibility & Education.

Making football truly global, at every level, is the core task for FIFA to pursue over the coming years
– FIFA President Gianni Infantino

And you can learn more about this vision below…

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